gritonbluff72.jpgMustang Mountain, otherwise known as Stars Rest, is located on the side of a mountain in northeastern New Mexico. We are at 7,600′ elevation and our terrain varies from steep granite bluff to rolling sandy bottom. We are surrounded by ponderosa pine forest and have no pasture land.

Our formerly wild mustangs are fed grass hay and just enough beet pulp to provide them with necessary supplements. They are all kept barefoot and have no difficulty climbing up and even galloping over our rugged mountain terrain. In spite of dire predictions of lameness and injury from keeping horses on this rugged piece of land, our little bachelor band has just gotten stronger, healthier and happier.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a resource for people who are either in the process of creating an alternative habitat lifestyle for their horses or interested in creating one. Many of the sites described here were inspired in some way by Jaime Jackson’s concept of Paddock Paradise. Please visit and share ideas and if you would like your own Paddock Paradise included on this blog just contact me by email.

Thanks – Carmon Deyo


6 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hi: I think I know you all from the Wild Horse and Burros Expo a few years back. Do you have the wonderful sighthound artwork and jewelry? Where in NM are you all located. Great pictures of the mustang environment!

  2. nannette Says:

    Hi my is nannette and i live in corrales nm,. I was hopeing you could help me finde a certified or close to it barefoot trimmer.I called a jodie in albuquerue a few times.she never called back.I have a 17hn gelding that needs the past he has bin butcherd. I have bin looking hard for some one qalafied can you help? thank you for you time nannette

    • Clare Says:

      HI Nanette, My friend Claudia is a barefoot trimmer in Bernalillo, trained by Pete Ramey. She is also looking for a place to board a few horses in that area. Can you email me?

  3. polly peterson Says:

    Does anyone know if this movement concept will work if u only have 1 horse. Also what is the ideal width of the track?
    many thanks,

  4. Sena Says:

    Just wondering where Mustang Mountain is? Looking for trail riding friends. We’re between Gallup and Grants. Hoping to set up a paddock paradise for our horses.

  5. Jill Willis Says:

    The aanhcp website is now (not ‘org’) Also, is up and running — would love for you to include it in your links.

    All the best,


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