Corazon Diet Update

July 22, 2006

We have had so much going on here I’ve not been good about making entries lately but will try to catch up with several. First, Corazon is doing incredibly well on his diet. The turning point was when our local drought forced us to bring in grass hay from Kansas. I haven’t had it tested yet, but I believe it will test low for NSCs based on Corazon’s response to it. He is losing weight at a steady rate now and getting more animated all the time. Just for a refresher, here is what he looked like at the start of the diet:


And here is how he looked at the two month mark:


And here he is today, working hard coming up from the bottom of the arroyo:


It is pretty amazing to me to see how effectively we can regulate metabolism through diet and exercise in these easy keeper horses who are prone to developing insulin resistance. Trucking hay in from another state was a community effort and I realize it probably wouldn’t be an option for most people. From what I can see, each of our horses has benefited from the diet changes – Valeroso was showing signs of gaining too much weight and he has lost the extra pounds; Llego is growing and filling out; Griton has remained the same in spite of receiving less forage. Once we removed the forage causing the problem, the horses with normal metabolisms remained stable and the others have become more regular in body weight. 


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