Corazon June 8, 2006 Diet Update

June 9, 2006

It has been a little over three weeks now since I started Corazon's diet to hopefully help him avoid developing insulin resistance. I am not seeing weight loss at this point and quite frankly, I would be concerned if he dropped weight too quickly. What I do see is a less distended, bloated looking belly. I took the photo below just this evening. Because he is standing on a slope in this photo, his back feet are parked a bit behind him and this makes it a little difficult to exactly compare to the one below it taken on May 17th. I think you can see what I mean about the change in belly shape though.

Taken June 8, 2006:


Taken May 17, 2006:


I have fine tuned what and how I am feeding him in several ways. I started weighing out his hay and I am giving him three pounds of grass hay, three times per day. Morning and evening Corzon receives one pound (dry weight) of thoroughly rinsed and soaked beet pulp. Both morning and evening he receives 1/4 cup canola oil with two teaspoons cinnamon and his other supplements are given in the evening only. I have found if I stick to this diet exactly, he remains very content and will even leave a bit of his thin flake of hay. Deviate in the slightest way by adding so much as one sugary treat like a horse cookie, bit of apple etc. and he becomes a ravenous monster scouring the ground for any tiny piece of hay or other forage.



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